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    Szymon Dziewoński WEB DESIGN standard


    - Page written on customer wish
    - Layout of website
    - No panel cms
    - Content updated by company Szymon Dziewoński WEB DESIGN
    - Up to two times a month free update content on the site
    - Optimization of pages on all major platforms
    - Responsive styles

    Szymon Dziewoński WEB DESIGN wordpress


    - Use wordpress platform
    - Layout of website
    - Expanded panel cms
    - The ability to install plugins
    - Plugins updates
    - Simple operation panel
    - Optimization of pages on all major platforms
    - Responsive styles

    Szymon Dziewoński WEB DESIGN pro


    - Layout of website
    - Individually written page into the customer's needs
    - Individually written cms panel, with the possibility of adding options according to customer requirements
    - Much faster operation side in comparison with szablonowymi solutions
    - Reduced the amount of unnecessary scripts
    - Simple operation panel
    - Perfect activity page
    - New solutions (dynamic loading content), animation, interaction
    - Optimization of pages on all major platforms
    - Responsive styles

    Creativity and innumerable variants are feasible on the website makes the stencil valuation of the project is impossible.
    At Szymon Dziewoński WEB DESIGN each design is created from scratch to finish again, according to the individual customer's needs.
    Client's ideas about the website, its operation, appearance, layout are important to us.
    The website is built in accordance with applicable standards wc3.
    EXAMPLES OF PAGES you will find a tab PORTFOLIO

    The main criteria that determine the price of a website is:
    - Number of pages / subpages,
    - The ability to edit the content in the panel cms (higher cost),
    - The absence of such a possibility of having a panel cms (for less demanding customers who want to side-Card) for those clients I update content once a month for free,
    - Responsiveness page, customize pages for different resolution displays on mobile devices and stationary (eg FELICITAS ),
    - Number of forms,
    - Interactive map, stylized (color change all / some of the map), or standard,
    - Page written 'standard' or using the latest technology, ajax, json, history api html5,
    - Complexity of the page,
    - Number of animation

    Contact us, we will quote the project and give answers to your questions.
    Opportunity to meet with the client in Krakow and Andrychowa.
    Please go to the CONTACTS and then write to us via the contact form or directly by e-mail. You can also write to us using the 'Live Chat' online directly with the consultant (bottom right corner of the page), if available.

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